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Preventing a Fire Hazard

The safety of your operation and your employees depends on the reliability of your fire alarm equipment. At American Fire Company in Valparaiso, Indiana, our highly trained, state certified technicians will reliably test, inspect and service your fire alarm equipment annually in accordance with NFPA 72. Emergency service is available, 24/7.

The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Many people take for granted the dangers that often come with an out-of-control blaze within an enclosed space. Some owners of buildings think nothing beyond getting the obligatory fire extinguisher or two in their establishment.

However, we believe everyone should realize the value of having an efficient fire alarm system that warns you of potential danger even before the things spiral out of control. For one, a fire alarm system allows building owners to easily pinpoint a source of flame and extinguish it before it gets to the rest of the building.

Also, fire alarms are useful in warning your employees of the presence of a blaze that could quickly turn uncontrollable. This allows you to perform your organization’s proper emergency evacuation protocols with minimal injury or fatalities.

Fire Alarm Testing and Service Points

Seeing as fire alarms deserve to be an integral part of any building, we will provide a thorough inspection service of your premises through the following points:

  • AHUs on Alarm
  • Chimes Functional
  • Duct Detectors Shut Down
  • Duct Smoke Detectors Shut Down
  • Heat Detectors Functional
  • Heat Detectors Tied into Fire Alarm
  • Horn Strobes Functional
  • Manual Pull Stations Functional
  • Smoke Detectors Cleaned Properly

  • Smoke Detectors Functional
  • Smoke Detectors Tied into Fire Alarm
  • Sprinkler Flow Switches Functional
  • Sprinkler Tampers Report to Panel

Fire Alarm Service